This rock climbing wall comes to you!
Save yourself loading up the party to a rock wall gym.
Kids can climb up as many times as they would like, no worries on a charge per kid or climb.
Keeping multiple kids entertained at one time. Ideal idling activity.
Close to 20 feet it definitely has the WOW factor.

- Trained staff member on site
- Climb wall 18 feet tall
- Safety harness
- Blower
- Drop off
- Set up
- Pick up

Item by itself = $900.00
As an add-on = $800.00
Generator surcharge (if required) = $100.00

* 20 feet square width x 20 feet height required space
* $100.00 Surcharge applied if our team does not have direct access to location.
* Additional staff member on site required for more than 20 participants = $100.00

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