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Our mobile team travels right to your doorstep or we can help you find an indoor venue with one of our affiliates

Winters can be tough outdoors in the North East, but no worries, let's take it indoors! we have partnered with indoor venues throughout the tri-state area who are more than willing to roll out the red carpet for some Knockerball NYC fun! Contact us for availability
(Additional Venue fee)

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Consider adding one of these activities to your event.
Ideal for keeping the idling crowd entertained or team building exercises.

- Archery tag
- Jumbo size dartboard
- Connect 4 hoops
- Human centipede
- Group skiing
- Flag football
- Kickball
.....also known as bubble soccer, bubble ball, bumper ball, it is all the same AWESOME experience!

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It's the most fun you will ever have!

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