Location is Key
Well, it is no secret that location can be a bit challenging here in NYC.
Our mobile team travels right to your doorstep, backyard, school field, private venue or local park.
We service the NYC tri-state area.

You can apply for a local park permit.

We have partnered with indoor venues throughout the tri-state area who are more than willing to roll out the red carpet for some Knockerball NYC fun! Feel free to search indoor soccer or indoor turf venue near you.

Or you can let us take the wheel and we can assist finding the ideal park or venue.

Location coordination fee = $250.00 (Does not include Venue fees)
Venue fee = starting at $150.00 per hour. Fees vary based upon Venue. 

Contact us now

Find an NYC park near you and check for availability
Feel free to apply for a permit or let us do the leg work

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